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Happy 3rd Anniversary, ACA!

March 30, 2013

On Saturday, March 27, Get Covered America volunteers gathered to commemorate the third anniversary of the Affordable Care Act being signed into law. It was also an opportunity for people to share their stores of what this historic health care reform means to them, as well as brainstorm ideas on how to how to get the word out in their communities about how the Affordable Care Act will impact them.  Get Covered America leaders, as well as HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, were on the phone, listening, and engaging.

“I don’t think people with insurance can understand what it’s like to be without insurance,” said Jean Wentzel, whose husband has been unable to get health insurance after his second hip replacement. Jean met up with fellow Get Covered America volunteers and activists in central Ohio, but stories like hers were common at all 31 events across the country.

Check out a gallery of photos from the events here:

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius talked about the historic challenge in ft of us: “This has never been done before. Like Jean Wentzel, all of us know someone whose life would change with affordable health coverage; someone for whom one illness or accident would mean losing everything they’ve worked for.”

What are the best ways to reach out in your community? You can help us get the word out! And be sure to follow us on and contact us on Twitter and Facebook.


Get Ready to Get Covered America

March 27, 2013

On the heels of the Affordable Care Act’s third anniversary, there is a historic opportunity on the horizon for 40 million uninsured Americans to gain quality health care coverage. But we’re also up against some big numbers, big challenges, and a big information gap. We know that unless people know about this opportunity, and know their health care options, they won’t sign up for a health insurance plan. You can help Get Covered America get the word out.

For starters, please share this link with your friends who might be interested in joining us or learning more:

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Our volunteers are an integral part of Get Covered America. And you could very well be the difference between legislation and reality by talking to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family about what is actually changing with health care reform.

If we do our job, we’ll be able to help give millions of Americans access to the stability, surety, and relief that come with having quality health insurance. If you’re currently uninsured or have been uninsured, the choice between paying rent and getting reliable coverage is a very real one — it’s also a choice that no one should have to make.

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