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Are You Covered?

August 15, 2013

One out of every five Americans aged 18 to 64 are uninsured. Are you one of them? If so, we get you.


Because if you’re like most everyday people living without health insurance, it’s not because you don’t want it; but because the high cost has been a barrier, as confirmed by this recent Kaiser Health tracking poll.

Maybe the only insurance you can afford doesn’t give you the health care you need.

Maybe a pre-existing condition has prevented you from getting affordable coverage.

All this is about to change. Starting in October, there’ll be a whole new way to buy health insurance. Through each state’s Health Insurance Marketplace, you’ll be able to compare prices and plans, and sign up for one that fits your needs and your budget.

That’s why Get Covered America is here: To make sure that you, your family, friends, and neighbors get the right information and to connect you to the right resources about these new health coverage options. That way, when the Health Insurance Marketplace opens in your state this October, you can feel confident in choosing a health insurance plan that fits your needs and your budget. You can help us you, by clicking your answer to this simple question:

Are you looking to get covered?

YES, please! I want to find out about my health insurance options for me or someone I know.

NO, thanks, I already have health insurance. But I support this campaign.

We’re looking forward to helping you get the info you need to get covered.

So, You Want to be a Fellow?

August 6, 2013


Well, isn’t this a pickle: At the same time we’re bracing to bid a fond farewell to our summer fellows, *sniff, sniff* the Get Covered America campaign is still revving up! After all, each state’s Health Insurance Marketplaces opens up in October, which means for the next few months, we really need to be zooming in fifth gear. Are you or anyone you know up for this high-octane challenge? Apply to be a fall fellow for the Get Covered America campaign!

Want to know what being a fellow is like? Here are the words straight a fellow’s mouth, er, keyboard. Elliot, a rising senior at Occidental College, writes about his Summer of Get Covered Love:

“Working as a summer fellow, I worked not only with my own department (Go, Team Digital!), but with so much happening at once, I got to work with every part of the organization. I had daily responsibilities, managed several long-term projects, and collaborated with various departments to problem-solve when challenges arose. It’s exciting to be on the front lines of such a meaningful campaign while building my skillset and gaining valuable experience. I met all the staff in states across the country, who are the heartbeat of this organization—they’re out there in the community, connecting uninsured people in their communities with information about their new health care options. Whether you’re a fellow in one of the states or at headquarters in DC, you’ll be part of a groundbreaking movement. Take it from me: That’s something special.”

So how ’bout it? Want to join our team? Apply now or send this link to the young person in your life!

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