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March 20, 2014

My name is John, and I believe that affordable healthcare is a basic human right. In 2008, I joined Obama for America because of [then Senator] Obama’s desire to create a national healthcare system – it was what drew me to his candidacy. For too long, too many uninsured Americans were faced with the decision to seek unaffordable medical treatment or hoping that the illness or disease would just go away.


I got involved with Get Covered America to continue what I started in 2008. I wanted to help my neighbors to learn what healthcare options exist here injohn on phone 2 Illinois, and ensure that those who are underinsured or lacking health insurance will not have to make a decision to pay for an expensive medical procedure or not go broke.

With a decline in jobs offering healthcare through work, and an increase in individuals working minimum wage jobs, medical treatments were becoming out of reach for more and more of our neighbors across the country. The promise of a national health care system geared towards preventive medicine would bring down health care costs, and work to help improve the overall health of all Americans.

Get Covered America has given me the opportunity to talk to residents across Chicago and Illinois about the options available for health insurance. While I have only made phone calls, others like me are engaging with residents across the states at tabling events and on the streets. Hundreds of people are volunteering with GCA, and have reached thousands of Illinoisans, educating them on the healthcare options available.

To learn more about how you can help in the next 11 days, check out our events page!

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