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Here’s where you can find the latest information on how we’re getting the word out in our community about the new health insurance options — and how you can get involved.



Honoring MLK This Weekend


"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." Those words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are just as true now as when he said them so many years ago.

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Tell a Friend — #GetCovered


We’ve partnered with Covered California to launch the Tell A Friend: Get Covered campaign. And you won’t want to miss the special livestream on Thursday, January 16th.

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For Mark and Elisabeth, “affordable” is an understatement


The new options now available through the Health Insurance Marketplace were always meant to be affordable. For Mark and Elisabeth Horst, “affordable” is an understatement.

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Believe it or not: Gail #GotCovered for less than $2 a month


Gail Roach of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had a couple of things to worry about when she retired from the job she’d held for decades at the local school district. If she wanted to continue her retirement health care option, Gail would have to pay more than $500 each month on her premium.

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Listen Now – Your Questions, Answered


Last week, we teamed up with Consumer Reports to host a live, interactive telephone town hall conversation about the new health options that are available on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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What #GotCovered means for Brian and Dianna: “Relief.”


When Dianna Burke lost her job, she and her husband Brian also lost their health insurance. Although Dianna found new work, it didn’t come with benefits.

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Virginia #GotCovered. You can too. Learn more.

Virginia’s #GotCovered Story: Relief at Half the Price


Right now, Virginia Lindahl pays $600 each month for health insurance that barely covers the care she needs and leaves her with huge out-of-pocket costs. But because Virginia found a new plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, all of that will change on January 1st.

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Mark Got Covered. So Can You.


Meet Mark Sullivan, a 31-year-old software developer from Texas. Signing up for affordable heath insurance has given Mark the freedom to pursue his dream of starting a business. “It’s hard to express how much that means to me,” he said.

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How the LGBT Community Can Get Covered


We were thrilled to participate in the launch of new initiative designed to reach LGBT Americans about their health insurance opportunities, called Out2Enroll, in a kickoff briefing at the White House on Thursday, September 12.

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Get the Word Out Week Recap


211 events. 15 states. 1,000+ Volunteers. Endless Stories. Gee, WOW!

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Why Preventive Care Matters


Being uninsured means you often "ride out" your sicknesses, or only get treatment when things are really bad. Been there. Done that. Ugh. But wouldn't it be great to have a doctor check up on you when you're feeling relatively good, and give you advice on how to keep feeling good, or even better?

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Are You Covered?


1 out of 5 Americans is uninsured. Are you one of them? If so, we get you. And we want to help you get covered

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So, You Want to be a Fellow?


Apply for a fall fellowship. Learn more about what it's like to be a Get Covered Fellow -- from a fellow himself!

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Young & Healthy Need Coverage Too


The world can be yours to conquer. But no one is invincible. Accidents happen every day—about 30,000 car accidents a day, to be exact. These are the kinds of things that keep your mom up at night.

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How Women Benefit from the ACA


As of January 1st, being a woman will no longer be considered a pre-existing condition--thanks to the Affordable Care Act

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Wham, Scam, No Thank You, Ma’am


Get Covered America is here to help. Our staff and volunteers care about connecting you to the right resources so you can understand all of your health care options, and choose a health insurance plan that’s right for you. All the details are still being determined, and every state will operate differently, but here’s what we know right now.

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Last week, our grassroots campaign literally hit the ground running. Was it exciting? Exhausting? Exhilarating? Yes, yes, and YES! Check out some photos from Get Covered America's launch week here and on Facebook.

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What Get Covered is Doing This Summer


Summer may mean vacation for some, but for Get Covered America, our work is just beginning! This week marks Get Covered America’s official launch. All summer long, our field teams are planning events in states across the country to get the word out about the opportunities that come with health care reform.

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Share Your Health Care Story


Because health care IS personal. Behind the almost ginormous, anonymous curtain of nearly 50 million uninsured Americans are millions of tiny untold human stories -- which range from the heartwarming to the heartbreaking. These stories need to be told.

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Happy 3rd Anniversary, ACA!


The Affordable Care Act turns 3! To commemorate the occasion, Get Covered America volunteers gathered to share stories of what health care reform means to them, and to brainstorm campaign ideas.

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Get Ready to Get Covered America


On the heels of the Affordable Care Act's third anniversary, there is a historic opportunity on the horizon for 40 million uninsured Americans to gain quality health care coverage. But we're also up against some big numbers, big challenges, and a big information gap.

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