Welcome to the Latino Engagement Toolkit. Use this as a resource to guide the outreach you do around Latinos. There are 12 tools in this toolkit. Each targets different populations of the Latino population.

The documents can be downloaded from the files below. The resources here can be complemented by the other constituency-focused toolkits.

  • Introduction

    This is the introduction to the Latino Engagement Toolkit. There is a general overview of the Latino community and how to engage with them.

  • Cultural Competency

    This sections lists the do's and do not's of talking to the Latino community. It addresses income, education, and legal status.

  • Engaging in Preferred Language

    This is a guide to speaking with Latinos in their preferred language. There are examples of conversations you may have.

  • Messaging

    This section explains how to talk to Latinos about health insurance. Common questions and appropriate answers to them are provided.

  • ACA and the Latino Community

    This is an overview of the new options for Latinos. The benefits and changes from the new healthcare law are covered.

  • Latinas

    This section explains how to do outreach to Latinas. Young Latinas and Latina moms are the focus of this section.

  • Young Latinos

    Here is a guide on talking to young Latinos in the United States. Suggested locations are mentioned.

  • Latino Laborers

    How to talk to Latino laborers is covered in this section. Suggested locations are mentioned.

  • Faith

    This section explains important facts about the Latino faith community. Conduct in approaching congregations is discussed.

  • Mixed Status Families

    How to talk with families having mixed immigration statuses is explained. Eligibility, documentation, and sample conversations are included.

  • FAQ

    Here are some frequently asked questions of Latinos.

  • Glossary

    This section explains some of the terms used in the toolkit.

  • Endnotes

    This is the reference page to the entire Latino Engagement Toolkit.