Young Americans

Welcome to the Young American Engagement Toolkit. Use this as a resource to guide the outreach you do around young Americans. There are 13 tools in this toolkit. Each targets different populations of the young American population. The documents can be download from the files below. The resources here can be complemented by the other constituency focused toolkits.

  • Introduction

    This is the introduction to the Young Americans Engagement Toolkit. There is a general overview of young Americans and how to engage with them.

  • New Options for Young Americans

    This is an overview of the new health insurance options for young Americans. The benefits and changes from the new healthcare law are covered.

  • Messaging

    This section explains how to talk to young Americans about health insurance. Common questions and appropriate answers to them are provided.

  • Get Social America

    This is a social media guide. It explains what, where, and how to post Get Covered America's message.

  • How to do Outreach to Non-College Young Americans

    Here, there are instructions on finding and talking to young Americans who are not in school. Tabling, posting information online, and partner engagement are suggested tactics.

  • Partner Engagement for Outreach to Young Americans

    This section covers how to collaborate with other organizations. It's a step-by-step guide for partner engagement.

  • How to Table

    Here is a guide on how to table with information for consumers. It covers what materials to have, how to follow up with people, and picking a good location.

  • How to Talk to College and University Administrators

    This explains how to talk to administrators of colleges and universities. It reviews how to make asks to carry out targeted outreach.

  • 10 Ways Colleges and Universities Can Promote New Health Insurance Options

    This section shows how colleges and universities can get the word out about coverage. It explains how to target students who need the information most.

  • 10 Ways Schools Can Promote New Health Insurance Options

    This section shows how schools can get the word out about coverage. It explains how to target families who need the information most.

  • How to Organize an Information Session

    Here is a guide on organizing information sessions for young Americans. It covers what should be done before, during, and after each session.

  • How to Organize an Event with a Navigator

    This section will explain how to organize events with navigators. Details on what to do before, during, and after these events are included.

  • FAQ

    Here are some frequently asked questions of young Americans.

  • Glossary

    This explains some of the terms used in the toolkit.

  • Endnotes

    This the reference page for the entire Young American Toolkit.