Adding New Assisters to the Connector Tool

We have added a form to the Get Covered Connector allowing assisters to request to be added to the tool. To ensure quality control, the appropriate Enroll America State Leadership or State Assistance Regional Manager is responsible for vetting these submissions and adding them to GCD.

When an assister in your jurisdiction submits a request, you will receive a notification with all of their information. (The notification will look something like this.) Please follow these steps to ensure new assisters get added to the Connector:

  1. Follow up with the requester by phone or email to confirm that they would like to be included in the Connector.
  2. Confirm all the information that they’ve given.
  3. Ask whether this is a single location or multiple locations. If there are multiple locations, ask them to fill out the form for each location.

Please note: We do not display hours or in-service languages offered in the Connector tool, and we will not collect this information on the form. Consumers are encouraged to call the assister in their area to understand their options and set up an appointment.

Once you feel confident that the assister is credible and has an established location, please enter the appropriate information into GCD. Please follow this guidance to add an assister to the Connector.

New assisters added to GCD will display in the tool within 24-48 hours.

If you have any questions, please email