As you know, the past week has been an incredibly difficult week for us. We are heart broken. Time, friends, family and love will heal our sadness. But for now, we mourn our loss and take comfort in the community that surrounds us with their love.

We have also benefitted from the best health care in Illinois at one of the best hospitals in the country. It has helped us through this time, and we are so grateful for the amazing care we’ve received.

On top of all the other decisions we have had to make this week, we haven’t once had to ask the question, “Can we afford this?”

When we finally leave the hospital, we are not going to face bankruptcy. We are not going to have bills piling up that stress us out and make our future more complicated.

Thanks to the ACA, millions of other people will experience this same kind of relief — people who would have otherwise faced a much more difficult and challenging reality.

So when we think about what our friends and family can do to show their love, the first thing that comes to mind is to help other people receive the kind of care that we have when they need it most.

Enroll America is doing incredibly important work to enroll people in Illinois and across the country in the ACA. And with the deadline for open enrollment at the end of March, there is no time more important than right now to join in that effort.

In lieu of gifts, flowers, and treats, making a donation here will help others have the same small peace of mind we do, knowing that should something like this — or even something less severe happen — they will not face¬†financial hardship on top of all else.

Thanks for your love and support. We are so grateful for our friends and family, and love changing the world with you.

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