Changing The Way Men Think About Health

January 15, 2015

This is a guest blog from the Men’s Health Network.

From a very young age boys are taught how to be “men.” They are taught that in order to be a “man” you need to “suck it up” and fend for yourself. Unfortunately, that mentality is often carried over to how men think about health and health care. This mindset has been one of the major reasons why men are dying an average of 5 years before their female counterparts.

On the bright side there is a clear path to changing these numbers. The first thing that men should do is sign up for health insurance, if they haven’t already. Not only does it provide the benefit of having affordable health coverage, but it is also the first step in changing the way men look at health. By signing up for an insurance plan men are taking a proactive, instead of a reactive, attitude toward their health. Not to mention the other many benefits of having reliable and affordable access to health coverage.

The opportunity to enroll ends February 15th, so individuals and families can sign up for 2015 health coverage through the Marketplace until then. There are also a number of tools men can use to research different coverage options and cost so individuals can make the appropriate choice for themselves.

Once enrolled it is vital that men make a list of symptoms or anything they need to talk to their healthcare provider (HCP) about. Again, this is a way that men can start being proactive about their health. If something hurts or just “doesn’t feel quite right” then you should be talking to your HCP about it. Before your visit, you can read about what you should expect here. For more information about men’s health you can also visit us at

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