Five, Four, Three…Here’s a Shopping List to Ring in the New Year with Health Coverage!

December 8, 2014

COLUMBUS, OH — With the Health Insurance Marketplace now open, Ohio’s uninsured can enroll in quality, affordable health coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Thousands of Ohioans who signed up during the first enrollment period should also take action to renew their plan or select a new one that better fits their needs and budget.

But with the holidays upon us and all the errands that need to be run piling up, an important deadline is rapidly approaching: If you want to ring in the New Year with health coverage that begins on January 1, 2015, you need to take action before December 15. Enroll America, the nation’s leading health care enrollment coalition, estimates that 9% of Ohioans currently live without health insurance, and the second enrollment period is the latest chance for them to enroll in a plan.

The team at Enroll America has put together this simple shopping list to help anyone whose New Year’s resolution is to kick off 2015 with quality, affordable health coverage:

  1. A 2015 calendar. But don’t throw away your 2014 calendar yet – you need to enroll in a plan or renew your plan by December 15 to ensure you’ll have coverage on January 1.
  2. A personal trainer. With Enroll America’s Get Covered Connector tool, you can schedule a free appointment with someone in your community who can meet with you in-person to explain your coverage options or help you renew your plan. You won’t have to count many steps to get to someone near you that can help.
  3. A bigger wallet. 84% of Ohioans already receive financial assistance to help make your plan truly affordable, and you might too. You’ll need somewhere to store all that extra cash!
  4. Some comfy slippers and hot chocolate. You’re ringing in the New Year with the peace of mind that comes from protecting yourself and your family with health insurance. Relax, and enjoy a warm drink!

And with one shopping trip, you’re all set to start 2015 with affordable health insurance that fits your needs and your budget. It’s also important to note that if you tried to enroll in the past but didn’t find something that worked for you, you should try again; you might qualify for new or more affordable options now.

And don’t forget that if you don’t enroll by December 15, you’ll have to wait until at least February 1 for new coverage to begin – so act right away and ring in the New Year with affordable health coverage!


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