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December 5, 2013

AmyLynnSmith2Before the Affordable Care Act, Amy Lynn Smith of Michigan had three strikes against her when buying health insurance: living with type 2 diabetes, being a woman, and being self-employed.

Although her current insurance plan covers a lot, annual price hikes have driven the cost up to $1,400 a month plus out-of-pocket expenses.

That’s all changed now that she can no longer be discriminated against for having a pre-existing condition or being a woman, and isn’t stuck paying top dollar to buy an individual plan.

Here’s what she wrote after enrolling in a new gold-level plan at

“Starting January 1, I’ll be paying $530 a month for almost identical coverage. Actually, my annual deductible is less — $150 instead of $250. My prescription co-pay will be just a tad higher, but that still won’t bring me anywhere near what I’m paying per month now. The cost to see a doctor is just about the same if I stay in-network, and the nationwide network is huge. All the other benefits are comparable, with the added bonus of programs to help me better manage my diabetes. Plus, I can keep every single one of my doctors.”

Amy estimates she’ll save nearly $10,000 a year with a plan that covers 80 percent of her expenses. Plus, her coverage can never be canceled or limited.

With her new plan, Amy not only has the peace of mind that comes with knowing she’s covered, no matter what. She also has more money in her pocket to spend on other things.

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