Greg’s Favorite Part of Working with Get Covered America: Helping the Uninsured Find Coverage

February 10, 2014

Field Organizer Greg Young speaks with a consumer in Philadelphia about new health insurance options available under the ACA.

Field Organizer Greg Young speaks with a consumer in Philadelphia about new health insurance options available under the ACA.

By Greg Young, Enroll America Field Organizer

I’ve been organizing to help people understand the Affordable Care Act since August; while I’ve loved being able to get crucial information to people who need it, no other event has been as inspiring as the first enrollment event we ran in West Philly.

“Enrollment Event” is the seemingly unexciting name we use for something that’s actually pretty thrilling. It’s when we directly connect people that have asked us for help getting coverage with application counselors who can walk them through the enrollment process. It’s an excellent chance to help make a difference in someone’s life. The first one we held at the Lucien Blackwell Library was a smashing success.

Picture a computer lab full of people diving into the application process with application counselors roaming around looking to help. The room included young people, like a young 29 year old who never had coverage aside from state assistance when he was younger. There were older folks like the middle aged woman who knew all about her current healthcare plan and also knew all about what she stood to gain from the new marketplace.

The most unlikely attendee was “Adam.” Adam didn’t know anything about the event until he came in and took the time to apply. An hour later, he had quality healthcare at a price that he could afford – $68 a month; an affordable rate for high quality coverage.

When all was said and done, Christine, who volunteers her time to be an application counselor, summed up the experience best: “I’m jazzed!”

We were thrilled to have seen firsthand how healthcare reform was affecting every day people. We got to take a part in clearing up confusion and helping families connect to the actual benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

Since that night, we’ve been hosting more enrollment events throughout the city on a weekly basis. With only 50 days left for people to enroll, it’s more important than ever that we finish strong! 

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