Happy Birthday, Medicaid!

July 30, 2014

It’s been almost half a century since our nation established Medicaid, which is today #1 the health insurance source for Texas children and the health care many others in our state rely on for care and treatment.

In honor of Medicaid’s 49th birthday today, we are sharing the following:

  1. Good Medicaid news for Texas: Did you know that roughly 80,000 more Texans have received health coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program since the Affordable Care Act’s implementation in October? That’s important because Medicaid helps people lead healthier, more financially secure lives. Learn more about why from our recent partner email.
  2. Good Medicaid news for Texans: Each one of those 80,000 newly enrolled, like millions of other Texans who benefit from Medicaid and CHIP, has a story to share. Frances Acuña’s is just one story from our state about life-saving treatment made possible by the quality health care that Medicaid offers.
  3. Really important Medicaid facts if you’re uninsured: Is it possible that free or low-cost health insurance through Medicaid or CHIP is an option for you right now? Enrollment in both is open year-round. Learn more about enrolling in Medicaid or CHIP here.
  4. One super-important Medicaid fact for concerned Texans: If you’ve been involved with helping the uninsured in our campaign, you won’t want to miss out on volunteer opportunities coming up. That’s because the back-to-school season is a crucial time for Medicaid and CHIP enrollment. In fact, nearly all uninsured kids can get covered through Medicaid, CHIP or the Marketplace. Find an event where you can get involved in helping make sure Texas kids have coverage.
  5. Fun Medicaid facts for your day: What better way to celebrate today’s milestone than getting yourself informed? Take our pop quiz and learn more about Medicaid in Texas and the United States.

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