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November 1, 2013

Over 12k listeners and counting for National Telephone Town Hall, “She Knows Financial Help is Here”

Last week, we teamed up with Consumer Reports to host a live, interactive telephone town hall conversation about the new health options that are available on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

We know that women make the majority of health care decisions for American families, and we also know that everyone wants to learn more about the financial help that’s available.

If you missed the town hall, don’t worry. Take a listen above and pay special attention for these highlights:

  • At 3:30, we learn, “what is the Health Insurance Marketplace, and what will I find when I get there?” Enroll America President Anne Filipic goes over some of the basics of the Health Insurance Marketplace and what you can expect.
  • At 4:00, learn about essential benefits – all the things that these plans must cover. This is especially important for mothers to know.
  • For all the mothers out there, tune in at 4:20 to hear about maternity and pediatric services that must be covered.
  • At 5:00, learn about the difference between the plan categories – platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.
  • At 7:20, learn about the financial assistance that is available from DeAnn Friedholm from Consumer Reports. A family of four that makes less than $90,000 a year will qualify for financial help.
  • At 8:40, learn about the premium tax credit that you can use to bring down the cost of your health insurance each month. Find out what it will mean for you to take it now versus later?

In addition to going over the basics, we received a lot of great questions from a live audience. Check out these moments if any of these questions apply to you:

  • 11:10: My son is unemployed. How is he able to pay for coverage if he doesn’t have a job? – Kathy in North Carolina
  • 14:10: Is the health insurance going to be affordable? – Divine in Pennsylvania
  • 16:45: Are there any pre-existing conditions that do not qualify for coverage? – Monica in Texas
  • 17:52: I’m not understanding. How can I speak to someone live? – Ruben in Texas
  • 21:00: For college students who cannot be supported by their parents, how will this be helpful for them? – Marta in Illinois
  • 23:00 – It’s possible that I have insurance now, but may not have it next year. I’m not old enough for Medicare and my income level is too high for Medicaid. What kind of income level is there for single people with no dependents? – Anne from Georgia
  • 26:00 – I’m 55 years old and still in the work force. My employer does offer insurance, but it’s a very high premium and a high deductible. I also have a pre-existing condition so I’m having a hard time getting them to pay for doctor’s visits. Will there be assistance for people my age? – Yolanda in Texas
  • 34:31 – When will a list of doctors be available? Can I call my physicians that I visit currently and ask them whether they’ll be available through the exchanges? – Rhonda from Texas

Important resources

Here are links to the tools and resources mentioned during the call:

Thanks to our speakers DeAnn Friedholm, Director of Health Reform for Consumer Reports and Anne Filipic, President of Enroll America! Thanks also to our host Jessica Barba Brown, Communications Director at Enroll America.

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