Get Covered America’s #GotCovered Series: New Coverage Options Will Keep Communities of Color Healthy

Thursday, December 19, 2013
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Americans are coming forward to take advantage of their options in the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

Washington, DC – This week’s #GotCovered profile focuses on the impact health insurance has in communities of color across the country. While lack of access to affordable insurance is not unique to just one particular population, there are grave health disparities across communities of color in the U.S. For example, Latinos have the highest uninsured rates of any ethnic group, followed by African-Americans. That’s 30 percent or 15 million American Latinos without insurance. About 20 percent of African-Americans or 7.8 million are uninsured compared to the 11 percent of non-Hispanic white Americans who go without coverage.

A high prevalence of chronic disease and pre-existing conditions can be traced to this lack of preventive care. Conditions like diabetes and hypertension go unnoticed and untreated. With expanded access to health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, communities of color are taking advantage of coverage that keeps their families healthy and out of the emergency room. Our previous #GotCovered stories are available here.

Jennifer Mapp – Philadelphia, PA
At 29 years old, Jennifer knows the importance of staying healthy. Her family has struggled with cancer and diabetes and she wanted insurance that provides preventive care for those screenings. She knows too many in the African-American community who need that kind of coverage. That’s why she accessed in November and found a plan that’s affordable and is eager to pay her first invoice. As a day care worker, she will no longer have to worry that the flu could mean outrageous medical bills.

“My Dad’s experience trying to find coverage taught me that getting insurance on my own would be difficult. That’s not the case anymore. I qualified for a marketplace subsidy that makes my premium $21 a month.”

M. Emad Salem – Frisco, TX
After improvements were made to, Emad was able to login and shop insurance options after waiting years for the marketplace to open. Emad is an Arab-American, working in real estate with a wife and children. He was eagerly awaiting coverage that secured their future and kept them from incurring costly medical bills.

“Five or six years ago, my wife and I had to drop our insurance when the premium kept getting higher and higher – eventually becoming completely unaffordable. I found health insurance for my family through the website for about $350 a month and I’m so thankful.”

Maggie Fernandez – Miami, FL
Maggie has never let an obstacle keep her from her passion. After encountering problems with HealthCare.Gov, she waited patiently until trying again this week. Maggie is a Hispanic small business owner and registered Republican. She’s active in community service in her area and passionate about sustainability issues and how they affect her community. For her, going without insurance for a few months as she became self-employed was an obstacle she could overcome starting January 1. That’s why she is thankful to have picked out an insurance option in the marketplace and finalize her enrollment this week. In a few weeks, Maggie will no longer have to pay for her medication out-of-pocket. She is encouraging everyone in her community to see what’s in the marketplace for them.

“I work hard to meet my financial obligations and it’s a relief that there is now coverage for me when there wasn’t before.”

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