Staff Spotlight: Matt Golab, Regional Organizing Lead

August 11, 2014

In today’s staff spotlight we sat down with Matt Golab, the Regional Organizing Lead here in Arizona.

Matt Golab with Katharine Weiss

Tell us why you wanted to work for Get Covered America.

It surprised me to hear how many uninsured individuals there were in my home state of Arizona.  When I was given the opportunity to join a team that would help connect those most in need to the resources that could help them get health coverage, I jumped at the opportunity.

And what is a Regional Organizing Lead; what is your role here?

I help our organizing staff as they engage volunteers, partners, and consumers across the state in the larger effort to get the uninsured folks in AZ the help they need to get covered.  I generally help organizers in the planning and executing of events in their turfs.  Our best events so far have been our larger consumer enrollment fairs with partners, as well as our partner and volunteer trainings. I usually focus on logistic support and translate for Spanish speaking consumers at these events.

Why do you think health insurance is important? What motivates you to do this work?

I first learned about the terms ‘preexisting condition’ and ‘lifetime limit’ when my grandmother was 85, and had been battling many ailments for many years.  It scared me into attention to learn that insurance companies had previously been able to decline treating someone who had less than perfect health, or that the practice of capping coverage at arbitrary limits was acceptable.  I decided to do something to raise awareness that the ACA provides a level playing field for everyone, regardless of previous health record.

What would you say to those without insurance about why they should get covered?

Having health coverage is a wonderful thing that gives you peace of mind in case of an unexpected life event, big or small.

How about during your free time, what do you do when not helping consumers get coverage?

I enjoy spending time outdoors, doing physically challenging activities, as well as anything sports or trivia related.

Thanks, Matt.

Matt Golab is the Regional Organizing Lead for Get Covered America in Arizona. You can get involved in the effort by joining an event near you!

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