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My Kids Can Finally Play Sports!

"Having affordable health insurance means my kids can join sports teams. With free preventive care, we can stay healthy without my emptying my wallet for a simple screening. If anyone in my family needs surgery, it will be covered."

–Jill L.


Maternity and Infant Care: COVERED

"I have health insurance but it does not cover maternity. Adding a maternity rider would double my health insurance monthly cost a month. I am 33 and married, waiting to be able to afford to be able to start a family. With maternity care offered in the new plans, 2014 just might be my year to get covered—and get pregnant!"

–Cara Y.


More Affordable Options

"Right now I pay an estimated $1,500 a month for family coverage through my employer; I am looking forward to seeing the more affordable health insurance options when Marketplace opens!"

–Martha F.


Health Insurance Premiums Shouldn’t Cost More than Your Mortgage!

"My husband is self employed and I am going to school. We both have pre-existing conditions and cannot afford the higher rates. All of the quotes we have so far are more than our monthly mortgage. We can't wait until January!"


Staying on Parent’s Policy Until Age 26? Relief for Parents, Too

"Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I am now able to keep my college-age daughter on my health policy. Unfortunately, the ACA came too late to help my eldest daughter and her family avoid bankruptcy due to high medical costs for a serious illness. However, the ACA will assure that other family members with pre-existing conditions can obtain health care coverage."

–Clyde P.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

"That I don't have to rely on having an employer as an independent entrepreneur I can afford it on my own and that empowers me. I'm so excited about this!"

–Aurora L.


The Freedom to Choose

"Get covered means that I can quit a job I hate but offers health insurance, to take a job that I love with a nonprofit company and be able to purchase affordable insurance for myself."



Protected from the Unexpected

"In 2008 and 2009, I had pretty big and very unexpected emergency surgeries. If I hadn't had health insurance, I probably wouldn't have been able to go to grad school and my parents would have probably had to mortgage the house. Having health insurance matters!"

–Danielle B.


No More Putting Off Important Cancer Screenings

"It means I won't have to fear losing my home if I get really sick or hurt. I'm 60, and have been without health insurance since going into private practice. Once I get covered, I'll be able to get medical care for the normal issues that come up as you get older. My mother had breast and cervical cancer, and I've been scared to get a mammogram or gynecological exam, because I didn't know how I could get treatment if they found anything! Looking forward to getting all those check-ups in 2014!"



Cancer Survivors Get Covered

"I am a breast cancer SURVIVOR and now I will be able to get "complete" health insurance coverage without exclusion for pre-existing conditions!"

–Faith P.


Children Have Pre-existing Conditions Too

"My nephew has severe hemophilia and, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, he no longer has to worry about lifetime maximums. Prior to the ACA, he would likely have hit his million-dollar max at age seven. He is five-and-a-half years old now."

–Beth M.


Better Quality of Life

"Preventive care means that I will be able to see a doctor for health screenings and take care of any health issues before they become serious. And if I'm sick or need to be hospitalized, I'm covered. Having affordable, quality health insurance means that I will have quality to my life and live healthier and longer."

–Veronica K.


No More “Riding Out” Sicknesses

"Getting quality health insurance under the ACA is a huge deal for me. Currently, I have to choose between ignoring preventive care services, to ride out sicknesses (which I do every day), or to pay a huge cost for services. My current plan is worthless unless I get hit by a car and end up in the hospital. As a PhD, I have treated college-aged patients with mental health issues, and have seen firsthand when people don't their meds because they don't have insurance, or use any money that would pay for medication go toward putting food on the table. This will all change once Americans like myself can get good quality insurance through the ACA."

–Candace D.


Mental Illness is now Covered

"There hasn't been a safety net for folks struggling with serious mental illness—until now. My partner and I are greatly looking forward to the upcoming changes in health care, which prevents insurance companies from excluding those who need services the most. It has been terrible to watch the person I love suffer unnecessarily because he cannot access the mental-health services he needs."

–Greg H.


Seven Long Years Without Health Insurance

"I haven't been able to get health insurance since 2006, due to a pre-existing condition. Last year, I had a horrible ear infection last year and it took me 16 months to pay off the ER bill: $1,100 just for a prednisone shot and an antibiotic prescription. These new insurance options can't get here soon enough."

–Alison O.


Having Health Insurance Means When it’s Time to Go to the E.R., Go.

"I am self-employed, and it has been rough going, health-wise. I nearly died from a pulmonary embolism. Why? I put off going to the emergency room for fear of the cost. Yes, the $25,000 bill was scary, but death is scarier. Getting affordable health insurance will give me a new lease on life."

–Christine F.


Preventive Care is Cost Effective

"Get covered means better quality of life, and end of fear of economic devastation if a health emergency was to happen, it means end to a penny wise/pound foolish situation because preventive care is cost effective. Quality health care for all Americans: This is the society I believe in."

–Aldo D.

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