Take Care, People: A Message from Monty the @GetCoveredAZ Spokesdog

March 12, 2014

My mom Cheryl joined Enroll America as the Arizona State Director back in June, and I had to make the move from Tucson to Phoenix.  I was a little apprehensive, but she explained to me why the Get Covered America campaign was so important to her. Monty the @GetCoveredAZ Spokesdog

Growing up in a military family, my mom didn’t have to worry about health coverage until she was in her 20s.  Her employer didn’t offer health coverage, so she had to buy her own.  The lowest cost plan she could find was $150 a month.  The plan had a high deductible and didn’t include maternity care.  If she had been able to purchase a plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace, she would have been eligible for financial assistance that would have lowered her monthly premium and included essential health benefits such as prescriptions, preventative care and maternity care!

Luckily, mom was pretty healthy and didn’t have a lot of medical bills.  But some of mom’s friends and family haven’t been so lucky.  Some are paying down tens of thousands of dollars of medical debt because they didn’t have health insurance to cover a medical emergency.

Even though I am a dog, I am so excited that me and my friends get to help with the campaign!!

Recently, Get Covered America launched a series of public service announcements (PSAs) with pets urging their owners to “Take Care, People” and enroll in health coverage by the March 31st, 2014 deadline.

Sponsored by the Ad Council, Google and other national partners, the campaign features many of my friends in the animal kingdom — dogs, cats, birds and fish — as messengers  to spread the “Take Care, People” and #GetCovered message to pet lovers across Arizona. Aired nationally and across large individual media markets in the country, the PSA is featured here.

My mom says that getting the word out now is critical, as there are fewer than three weeks before open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace closes. Most humans surveyed are not aware of the March 31st deadline to enroll and more than two-thirds also said they had no idea financial assistance is available to help cover the cost of the monthly premium.  However, 74% of humans who had enrolled in the Health Insurance Marketplace by early March were able to qualify for some type of financial help — that leaves more money for dog treats and toys!!

So don’t FURget! Financial Help is Available.  Hound your loved ones to sign up for coverage today!!

I didn’t have a chance to be in the PSA, but check me out on twitter @GetCoveredAZ.

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