Top 3 Reasons Mom Wants You to #GetCovered This Mother’s Day

May 7, 2015

COLUMBUS, OH – Still looking for that perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day? Young Ohioans should consider getting health coverage this year to give mom the peace of mind that her child is safe and protected in case of an unexpected illness or injury.

Mom always knows best and that’s why she knows that it is important for her children to have health insurance. In fact, according to an Enroll America/PerryUndem survey, nearly one in five young adults ages 18-29 who got covered said that their mom helped them enroll.

Here are three reasons mom wants you to get covered this Mother’s Day:

  1. Financial Security: Nobody expects to get sick or injured but those unexpected trips to the doctor’s office can be costly without insurance. A simple upper respiratory infection can cost over $800 to treat without insurance and a broken arm can cost over $8,000 without insurance.
  2. Access to Quality Care: Every health plan sold through the Health Insurance Marketplace offers 10 essential health benefits including preventive care, prescription medications, and emergency room visits to help keep you healthy.
  3. Affordability: Under the Affordable Care Act, more people can access health coverage because it is more affordable now. In fact, 84% of Ohioans who enrolled through the Marketplace received financial assistance to help make their plans truly affordable.

Even though open enrollment has ended, there are still opportunities for Ohioans to enroll now if they’ve experienced a life changing event like becoming a new mom, moving to a different coverage area, or aging off of their mom’s plan. In fact, young people are more likely to experience the life changing events that trigger a special enrollment period. Nearly 25% of Americans between the ages of 20-29 have moved — more than twice the national average, and around 83% of all babies born in the United States have mothers between the ages of 18 and 34.

Additionally, lower-income Ohioans who qualify for low cost coverage through the recently expanded Medicaid program can enroll year-round.

To remind young Ohioans to get covered for mom this Mother’s Day, Get Covered America Ohio and partner organizations across the state will be tweeting this weekend to encourage young Ohioans to enroll. You can follow and join the conversation by following @GetCoveredOH and the hashtag #GetCovered.

For more information on health coverage, Ohioans can visit the Are You Covered?website. To schedule a free appointment with a local enrollment assister, Ohioans can visit the Get Covered Connector at or call 1-800-648-1176.


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